The Pelican & The Rose was founded in 2015 by me [Dominique] who is half British half Bajan.

The Pelican is the National bird of Barbados and the Rose is the National flower of England.

Fashion honestly has never been my thing. I have always been the type of person to pop on jeans and a tee and get on with the day. Although I am no pro at the fashion game, I am very aware that is it used to identify who we are. 

Today (more than ever), we largely rely on fashion; we choose what we wear because we like the message it conveys about us. It's an extension of our identity; a way of connecting with others. We make a conscious decision what to wear each day and we communicate with the world around us via that selection.

All items are lovingly made by me, in Wales , amongst the chaos of my house.

Welcome to The Pelican & The Rose x